Kharkov Metro Winning War on Tokens

Kharkov Metro Winning War on Tokens

While the Kharkov Metro announced that all metro tokens will be removed in September, steps have already been taken in the central stations to make sure commuters are running on cards and codes only.

The old way: Until the end of April, there were vending machines for tokens at every entrance; you could put in any amount of money and get that amount of tokens at 2 UAH apiece.

The new way: These have been replaced with machines that look almost the same as the old, but they only issue one pass to the metro, and the rest of your change in 50-kopeck coins. The pass is good for one ride, and that’s it.

The old way: You couldn’t find a machine to mint the mutli-ride cards for you, except at History Museum Metro and someplace else if you were damn lucky.

The new way: There is a vending machine that will mint a multi-ride card for you in most central metro stations, it looks very skinny and only accepts 10 UAH notes. It then mints a new card for you with 3 UAH credit on it.

The old way: If you had a multi-ride card, you could walk up to a touch-screen kiosk near the metro and add money to it.

The new way: Those are still in place, and they either come with one touch screen or three, to allow for multiple queues. No idea if they will ever be in English, though.

While this looks like a great way to beat the queues for tokens and bring Kharkov Metro into the modern age, this doesn’t really allow a lot of leeway for our non-Russian speaking visitors for the Euro 2012. Stay tuned to find out if we’ll see touchscreens in English…you can find more information with pictures in Russian here.

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