Go-Cart in Kharkov

Go-Cart in Kharkov

  • Address:
    122 Plekhanivs'ka street, opposite the supermarket Rost on the paking lot.
    Metro: Zavod Imeni Malysheva
  • Price:
    Mon-Thu: 85 UAH for 10 minutes Fri-Sun: 100 UAH for 10 minutes

Great Go-Cart in Kharkov

A little outside the center of Kharkov there is a Go-Cart race track. I must admit it fully lives up to my expectations as an experienced Go-Cart driver. Its not very long, but its got all the things a good Go-Cart track needs. Sharp turns, long stretch to gain some speed, S curves, its approved in my book. The track record is 30.250 seconds, at least when we left the track, it might get beaten during the summer and the Euro 2012. To compare my fastest time, after 2×10 minutes on the track was 31.710 seconds.

From Monday to Thursday you can drive around for 10 minutes for 85 UAH and in the weekends its 100 UAH. They also offer 5 minutes and 1 lap, which is a bit cheaper, for the people who just want to try it. I recommend taking 2×10 minutes. The first 10 minutes will give you the feel of the track and then on the next 10 minutes you can set your fastest lap time.

Its within walking distance from Metalist Stadium, right next to metro Zavod Imeni Malysheva. You can experience waiting time when you get there, so prepare some time for waiting if you decide to go there. The have a little tent where you can buy soda, water and beer and some snacks/food. Can you bring your own food and drinks, but not inside the tent.

Go experience this Go-Cart experience in Kharkov. You wont regret it! :)