French Bakery

French Bakery

  • Address:
    Pushkinskaya, 66

Your daily bread might just as well be the world-class one

If you ever tried a genuine French baguette or an Italian ciabatta with its distinctive flavor and texture then
you´ll always recognize bread that lives up to the best bread backing traditions and craftsmanship.

The French Bakery at Pushkinskaya Street is the one that produces excellent bread according to the best traditions of the art of bread backing in the world. Bread making is an ancient discipline where developing taste and texture requires time and patience, two aspects that modern backing is very often short of. At French Bakery you are sure to get a loaf that has been given time to ferment slowly and develop its flavor in a natural way.

Highly recommended are their sour dough loaves like baguettes, country rolls, ryes, pastry and sandwiches. Their sour dough baguette is absolutely fabulous – beautiful loaf with an uneven, soft but chewy crumb and a crispy, crunchy crust. The flavor is complex – sweet, wheaty and mildly sour. If you are a bread enthusiast like me and always look for the best bakeries wherever you go in the world then you´ll know from the first bite – baguette from French Bakery at Pushkinskaya is the world-class.

If you love the taste of Ukrainian coriander ryes you will also be delighted to find a variety of them, too. At the bakery you can also get your daily caffeine fix, too. No matter what you come to French Bakery for please do not forget to take a French sour dough baguette with you.